June 21, 2023     |     5:30PM Giant Inflatables & 6PM Concert

Don't Miss The Trampolines Band

June 21,2023

5:30 Giant Inflatables

6pm Concert

Fearless ...

Global Travelers,

helping the world,

caring for the orphans and widows ...

one CRAZY CONCERT at a time!


Lane & Cary throw a genre defying concert centered around fun, dancing, inspiring kindness, and loving others like Jesus has meant for us all.





From drug addict to DJ


From Alcholic to Musicianary



I didn't know about God, but Dodgeball and Pizza inpired me!



I just want to tell people that Jesus loves them!



What if the Bible was more like a guidebook versus a book of rules and we actually read it?

We Are Hosting For the Community

This concert is for the whole community! Anyone can come and have fun. We will have bounce houses or giant inflatables out in front of Weaverville Church of the Nazarene starting at 5:30pm. Then we will enter the building for fun, craziness, and entertainment with Lane and Cary of the Trampolines! I can't wait to experience "Jesus riding shotgun" with you all!


- Pastor Jesse

About Lane & Cary of

The Trampolines

Trampolines is an explosive electronic band propelled by missional purpose that has taken them all around the world. Their genre-defying range is clear from a slew of singles featuring top voices from multiple styles: “Hey You” (featuring Aaron Cole), “Amen to That” (featuring Disciple), “Fight My Fight for Me” (featuring Citizen Way) and “FUTUREGLOW” (featuring Neon Feather).


Husband and wife duo Lane and Cary Terzieff lead Trampolines. Their high-energy music has a divinely inspired twist: 100% of Trampolines’ proceeds fuel their missions and humanitarian work in regions like Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa. On one night, their infectious commitment to the unconditional love of God might be launching kids off their feet at a youth gathering in Weaverville, CA. The next day, that same commitment could see them offering tangible compassion in the form of food and essentials brought into a Ukrainian war zone.


“The closer we get to God, the closer we get to His people, the more we want to pursue the mission,” Lane Terzieff says. “That’s why we were like, ‘what if we gave 100% of the profits back to missions?’ Cary and I both say that it’s the best thing we’ve ever done. It just feels like we’re in lockstep with God.”


Walking in tandem with divine calling is the only way to make sense of Trampolines’ subversively sacred pathway through creating music. Lane had been sacrificing his life’s stability to pursue pop music as a mission field for over 10 years, using successful DJ sets as the container to carry Jesus’s radical love worldwide — from Los Angeles to the somber silence of North Korea. Cary was a recovered drug addict whose earth-shattering encounter with God left her with a resurrection story that demanded to be shared. 


Newly married, the two were living in China, assisting with a church plant and celebrating a brand-new mainstream record deal. Then they were inspired to turn all of it inside out.


“I read the Bible and I just think, we gotta do this stuff,” Lane says.


He’s specifically referring to James 1:27, the duo’s personal liturgy: “Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress.”


Following that call has fueled trips to Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Syria, Ukraine, Ethiopia, Kenya, Scotland, Estonia and the Netherlands. Sometimes, they play music for teenagers. Sometimes, they deliver food to mothers who have been starving for years. Always, they seek to say a simple “yes” to the ways God’s life-giving love is already moving.


Because at the end of the day, whether they’re sitting with warlords, youth group kids, refugees, sex trafficking survivors, or the addicted and forgotten the world over, Trampolines has learned that every person needs their own resurrection.


“I felt like a very troubled kid, and I remember feeling like no one could understand the pain that I was going through,” Cary recalls, thinking back to teenage years that spiraled into hard drug addiction. “I feel like I have a unique opportunity now to minister to anyone that feels like that. To put it out there that even though they might feel this way now, there’s hope and there’s a future.”


No matter what country they find themselves in, no matter the cultural barriers or difference in surface-level circumstances, that hope held by love is a language that Trampolines has found to be universal.


Trampolines has over 500,000 followers across social media platforms, and has racked up over 20 million streams. They’ve performed on stages in front of as many of 50,000 people, with their touring experience spanning 40 U.S. states and over 20 countries.





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Cary has a very real testimony of being done with life, filled with drugs and alchohol, and yet ... God loves her!

He saved her and yet she relapsed. 

She wanted God, but she hadn't decided to live the life Jesus wants for us all. She gave her whole self to Jesus.

Now she travels with the world with her husband lane, celebrating and inspiring many! God is always good!


Looking forward to 6/21/2023