Church of the Nazarene

Welcome Home


Sunday Workship Service


Children's Sunday School 
9:30am in the Fellowship Hall

Adult Sunday School
9:30 am in the Fellowship Hall


                                       Sunday Morning Worship 
                                       10:30am in the Sanctuary



                         current events

We are building Crisis Care Kits!

• 1 Shampoo (12 to 18 oz.)
• 2 Bars of Soap (Bath size or larger)
• 1 Toothpaste (4.0 to 6.4 oz.)
• 3 Toothbrushes (in original packaging)
• 1 Box of Bandaids (30 or more)
• 1 Fingernail clipper
• 1 Sturdy hair comb
• 2 Hand towels
• 4 Pocket-sized pkgs. Kleenex
• 1 Beanie Baby-sized stuffed toy
Each Crisis Care Kit (CCK) should contain only the items/quantities listed.
Place all items into a 2-gallon zip-lock bag.



Join us as we read  
the word of
and pray
for our community






Daughters of the KING!
Please join the women of the church as we laught our way though the evening enjoying food and fellowship while crafting and sharing. 


Men's Prayer Breakfast
Join us for a Hearty Breakfast
that always includes BACON!

Soup Kitchen
Please consider volunteering your time or cooking skills to help those less fortunate that you.

    Our Youth Group visits Hawes Farms

Church of the Nazarene

Church Pantry

Join a Weekly Home Group
Get to Know Your Church Family


Caravan Kids Bible Study
Caravan is on Summer Break
Please check back often for
restart date and times

Youth Group is on Summer Break
Please check back often for restart date and times.

Black Light Puppets
Check back often to 
see future dates.

"Jesus is the christ, the son of the living god!"

Weaverville Church of the Nazarene is a people
built upon this truth! We are Christians devoted to
following Jesus of Nazareth and his call to "Go" and spread Jesus gospel, or the good news, from our own Jerusalem in Trinity County to the very ends
of the Earth. It Is a big task and we are glad to be part of a big global family. We have over twenty thousand churches on six continents all working together to "Make Disciples."

The church works to prepare God's people for works of service by "Baptizing Disciples" who love 

God with all their hearts, souls, mind, and strength.. As disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ we "Teach" that we should love one another as Jesus exemplified in his life by dying on the cross for our sins!

We hold firm to Jesus' testimony in John 3:16 & 17.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son {Jesus}, that whoever believes in him{Jesus}, shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him {Jesus}."