"The 'X' Marks the Spot" - Cross Series


In these sermons, Pastor Jesse preaches through John 18 through 21. Walk through Jesus' arrest and the mock trials that Jesus endured to see you saved! Be inspired by Jesus' will to fulfill Scripture and make it possible for you to live eternally in the Father's House. Death won't keep Jesus down and he wants to do the same for you! Jesus values you! He loves you more than his own life. You are worth it!

ast Week's Sermon: "Betrayal Undone - Restoration of Peter" (John 21:3-20) 1-22-2023

ast Week's Sermon: "Jesus Said, 'Follow Me!' Will You?" (John 21:20-25) 1-1-2023

ast Week's Sermon: "New Creation" (John 20:10-29) 1-1-2023

ast Week's Sermon: "Family, Belief, & Burial" (John 19:38-20:10) 12-18-2022

ast Week's Sermon: "Should Jesus Suffer for Doing what is Right?" (John 19:17-42) 12-4-2022

ast Week's Sermon: "Who is the King of the Jews?" (John 18:28-19:16) 12-4-2022

ast Week's Sermon: "There is Nothing Fishy About Jesus"

(John 18:1-27) 11-27-2022