1 Thessalonians

"Contagious Church"


Attributes of a Contagious Church:


1) What happened in Thessalonica was that the people became infected disciples by Jesus!  This is the first step toward being a contagious disciple like Paul and Silas.  A contagious church must be formed by contagious disciples.


2) Another attribute of a contagious disciple that builds a contagious church is that he or she imitates Jesus.  They do what Jesus did.  Those disciples that had been “infected by Jesus” were now “infected for Jesus.”  They had become contagious.


3) A contagious disciple has turned away from the distractions of this world, the idols, and serves the living God.  Such a person is interested in Jesus’ gospel. (Romans 1-2) 


The contagious disciple is incurably devoted to Jesus!



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