Series: 1 John

"God's Connecting & Caring for Us"


John wants you to know who Jesus is and who Jesus isn't! Pastor Jesse preaches through 1 John to communicate that our God wants you! He wants fellowship with you! He wants to "Hang Out" with you! He wants you to do the same with others that Jesus loves! A person cannot love God and not care for His kids! Sin separates from God and each other. In these sermons we learn to put sin behind us and experience joy and peace with God and each other!

Last Week's Sermon: "God Loves the Sinner" (1 John 3:11-12) 10-29-2023 

Last Week's Sermon: "Will You Ask?" (1 John 5:14-15) 10-22-2023 

Last Week's Sermon: "Do You Want Popularity with God or with the World?" (1 John 5:5-12) 10-8-2023 

Last Week's Sermon: "He Must Become More; I Must Become Less!" (1 John 3:13-4:6; John 3:30) 9-17-2023 

Last Week's Sermon: "The Joy That Comes From Being Loved!" (1 John 4) 9-10-2023 

Last Week's Sermon: "Will You Pass God's Paternity Test?" (1 John 3) 9-3-2023 

Last Week's Sermon: "Is God Enough? Are You Content?" (1 John 2:12-27) 8-27-2023 

Last Week's Sermon: "Guest Speaker: Mark Brumbelow" (Matthew 19:13-14) 8-20-2023 

Last Week's Sermon: "Are You Overflowing with God's Love?!" (1John 2:1-13) 8-13-2023 

Last Week's Sermon: "Tension!" (1John 1-2:2) 8-6-2023