"Moments with Jesus"


In these sermons, Pastor Jesse preaches about Jesus' intimate conversation with his disciples on the night before he would go to the cross. The sermons cover John 13 through 17. Listen and come very close to your Savior and King! 

ast Week's Sermon: "Are You Thankful for What God Will Do?" Topical Sermon

(Survey of Job; various scriptures) 11-20-2022

ast Week's Sermon: "God's Protection & Comfort" Topical Sermon

(Matthew 11:28-30; various scriptures) 11-13-2022

Last Week's Sermon: "What Does God Want From Me?" (John 17:17-26; various scriptures) 10-30-2022

Last Week's Sermon: "Not of This World" (John 17:9-16; various scriptures) 10-16-2022

Last Week's Sermon: "You Believe at Last..." (John 16:16-17:8; various scriptures) 10-9-2022

Last Week's Sermon: "God Isn't Finished with You Yet!" (John 15 & 16; Ezekiel 33; various scriptures) 10-2-2022

Last Week's Sermon: "Remaining in Jesus" (John 15:1-17; various scriptures) 9-25-2022

Last Week's Sermon: "Who Lives in the Father's House" (John 13-14; various scriptures) 9-18-2022

Last Week's Sermon: "Betrayal" (John 13; various scriptures) 9-11-2022