Join us this Sunday at 11am as Pastor Jesse continutes on in this new series! You won't want to miss this one. Click below to listen to past installments of this series! 

Last Week's Sermon: Reflections on Pentecost with Psalms 146 (Lev 23; Ex 20; Acts 2) 6-5-2022

Last Week's Sermon: Father's Day "The Compassionate Father" (Luke 15:11-32) 6-20-2021

Last Week's Sermon: Resurrection Sunday "Scattered" (Biblical Calendar Series - Luke 22-24) 4-4-2021

Last Week's Sermon: Palm Sunday "What is to come ..." (Biblical Calendar Series - Leviticus 23; John 12; Exodus 12)

Last Week's Sermon: "Sukkot Begins" (Biblical Calendar Series - Leviticus 23; Deuteronomy 16; John 7)

Last Week's Sermon: "Day of Atonement - Who is Your High Priest?" (Biblical Calendar Series - Leviticus 23)

Last Week's Sermon: "Day of Trumpets" (Biblical Calendar Series - Leviticus 23; Numbers 29; Matthew 5:17-18)