Kid's Bible Club

Kid's Bible Club is FREE!

When: Tuesdays from 6 to 8pm.

Where: Weaverville Church of the Nazarene Sanctuary

Check out the Schedule at the bottom of this page to know the current dates of meeting!

Check Out this Video to see the FUN at Kid's Bible Club!

Kid's Bible Club is two hours of fun beginning at 6pm! It is free of charge and it meets in the sanctuary building of Weaverville Church of the Nazarene!


We Sing Silly Songs like:

     Amazing Grace (as fast as you can!)

     If I had a Little White Box

     The B-I-B-L-E

     The Lord's Army

     When We All Get to Heaven

     ... and some other hymn chorus' and very silly songs ("Aroostashaw" is the absolute favorite!)


We watch a Bible Story with Superbook!

     Superbook is produced by the Christian Broadcasting Network. Chris and Joy go into the Bible where God has them interact with Bible characters as they play out the stories. Some of the historians behind Superbook were Pastor Jesse's professors when he studied for those three years in Jerusalem. It is a very good Bible study. Plus ... we eat popcorn watching on a giant inflatable screen! We love it!


Craft time is important

    We have craft time following the story. We have pictures and mazes to be figured out and colored. Some kids like to construct a craft that reinforces the story that they just learned. It is a great time of conversation about the Bible story that the kids just watched. Plus ... they get a souvenir that they just made!


Game time

     We enjoy some fun and silly games that are often thematic with the Bible story of the night. Questions about the story to make the kids think are often employed during this time too! The kids have fun getting their wiggles out with their friends. Craft time and Game time split the kids up to work with a smaller group.


Giant Inflatables (Bounce Houses)

     We have some giant obstacle courses that the kids enjoy inside and in our heated or air conditioned room. It still can get warm with all of the crazy slides and fun things to climb on. If we are looking for an even more zany time, we add some balls, indoor snowballs, or a product made by nerf to the insanity!


8pm is pick up time! Your kids will be ready to sleep well!